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Senior Western Band - Girls

When the band was first established, the main purpose was to develop the musical skills in the students.


The band was formed as a melodically band. Later, it was established as a brass band.

Teachers in-charge

  • Ms R.P.C.D.Randeni
  • Ms J.M.Athauda

Office bearers

  • Band leader - H.M.K.Nathasha Bandara.
  • Deputy Band leader
    • Kavindya Sewmini
    • Viraji Dewmini Amarasekara.

Number of members:- 30

Activities for 2018

  • Organizing a band day and a concert.


  • Won the first place in the western band competitions in Sri Jayawardhanapura zone-2014. In 2014
  • Won the first place in Ranasena Udanaya band competitions.