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Girl Guides

The founder Baden Powel with the help of Miss Agness Baden Powel started this movement in 1910 in England. It was started in Sri Lanka in 1917 by Mrs Jenny Kalvery Guides a girl from a variety of background and in our country they are between the ages of 10 and 17 years. They have freedom to express their ideas and they learn to respect others. They voluntarily make a promise. Which is binding on them for like and they live by the guide law of the world Girl Guide Association.


The Girl Guide Association of Dharmapala Vidyalaya has been found in 1975 and has been registered at the Head Gurarters as 1st Pannipitiya. But it has been inactive for a long time and re-started its work in 2005. Then it was re-registered in 2005 as 30th Jayawardhanapura and carrying on Continuously up to now.

Plans for year 2020

  • January - Recruiting new members
  • February - Organizing Thinking Day
  • March - Camp
  • April - New year festival
  • May - Project of Vesak cards
  • June - Poson Dansal
  • July - Badging ceremony of new members


  • President Guide Award 2012 - R. Nuwanthi Maheshika
  • President Guide Award 2013 - B.G. SathyaNirmani
  • President Guide Award 2018 - Sachini Maheshika
  • President Guide Award 2018 - Nipuni sathsarani