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Dancing Society

Dhampal Dance troup was born to show the traditional Sri Lankans who inherited Sri Lanka dancing and were created with a dramatic romance. Extreme children of Dhampal are born out of love to quench your mind every day. Walking in the footsteps of Hon. Anagarika Gharmapala and keeping the instructions that were given by the Buddhism and Sinhala nation, we’ll continue to create a generation of dancing. That is our ambition.


This society was inaugurated on 24th of April 2010. By now, a large number of artists have been introduced to the Sri Lanka society. From 2010, up to now we are entitled to a proud history and also we have given our fullest cooperation for each and every traditional activities conducted by our school. We are getting to work as a team, pays tribute to the future.

Teachers in-charge

  • Mr Noyel Wasantha Vithanage.
  • Mr Nalinda Angekumbura.
  • Mrs Jeewanthi Manel Maligaspe.
  • Mrs Shrimali Pushpakumari.
  • Ms Chulani Gamage.

Office Bearers

  • President - W.P.Lakshitha Eranda
  • Vice president - Hirun Chamod
  • Secretary - N.P.M.Sasini Wickramanayake
  • Treasurer - P.K. Ramesh Saranga Deshan

Number of Members - 95

Proposals for 2018

  • The 4th Annual Dancing Festival.
  • The field trip of the society.
  • The workshop of dancing.
  • The event of “Sankalana 2018”


  • 2013
    • All Island dance and ballet competition.
      • Dancing group of Panteru: All Island 2nd place.
  •   2014  
    • Students competency base competition (Grade 5) act on “Jana Kreeda”: Western Province 2nd place.
  • 2015
    • All Island dance and ballet competition (Grade 5 )
      • Low country solo drumming competition (Boys): All Island 1st place
      • Up country collective Boys “Suvisi Wiwaranaya”: Western Province 1st place
  • 2016
    • “Agra” Ananda collage Inter school Dancing competition: 2nd place
    • All Island drama dance and ballet competition solo impromptive dancing skills: All island 1st place
    • Mix collective “Goyam Dance”: Western province 1st place
  • 2017
    • Low country collective boys “Nanumuraya”: All island 1st place.