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Counselling and Career guidance Association


We were fortunate enough to start a counseling room at latter part of the main hall in 2006, named, "Sitha Pahan Karagamu”, as there wasn't a proper place before 2006.

We are pleased to inform that a new complete counseling unit was donated by “Arunalu group” in 2014.


Assist to keep the mental health In a good condition by contributing the students without depression to the world.

Aims and Objectives

Provide counseling for the problems of students and their stressful situations, considering basic concepts, prevention ,therapy and elimination and showing the correct path to the future job market through career guidance.

Teachers in-charge

  • Mrs K.D swarnalatha (A postgraduate diploma in counseling from University of Colombo)
  • Mrs G.A.I manel (A diploma in psychological counseling from university of colombo)
Advisory Committee (2016/2017 & 2017/2018)
  • The Principal
  • The Deputy Principal
  • Teachers
  • School Captains
  • Games Captains

Number of Members – 15

Proposals for 2018

  • Considering seminar for the students who are with mental problems and psychological issues.
  • Meditation programs to strengthen the mental health of students.
  • Conducting programs to inculcate spiritual values and prevent students from mental stress
  • Launch educational therapy programs for the backward students
  • Guide the stubborn, mischievous students in classrooms through counseling
  • Make aware of the students about the ways to prepare for thr exams, how to concentrate on studies and the way to face successfully in exams through motivation programs
  • Make O/L and A/L students aware of job market and new issues through resource persons from various recognized institutions.
  • Conducting counseling lectures and seminars for the parents.
  • Conducting motivation programs for the teachers.
  • Motivation programs for the non-acadamic staff too.