Clubs & Societies

Cadet Union

The students academic work in a subject is a bold and personality. The annual camps are arranged and the best known groups of the camps are also part of the “Herman Los” camp.

Camping are conducted due to the serious physical instruction and self-esteem examinations.

The task of maintaining student affairs is assigned by the Ministry of Defense.


At the time the group which had started on September 30, 1950 had 59 children and 6 regiment officers had been created in the regiment. The post has been functioning under the 3rd accused since the commencement of December 1st 2016. Under the 19th Battalion as a new force. Under the 3rd Battalion, Ananda, Nalanda and Royal school, we have been among the top ten schools of the 3rd Battalion and after 19th, the 19th Battalion joined the top 3 schools.

    Teachers in-charge

    • Mr N.Prathapasinghe
    • Mr P.S.M.Muthukumara

    Number of members

    • Senior cadet platoon-25
    • Junior cadet platoon-15

    Activities for 2018

    • Middle year camping.
    • Holding a 3 day camp.
    • Presenting students for important activities of the school.
    • Offering cadets for special events around the school.
    • If there is a higher place of camping take part in “Herman Los” camp.


    • Winning the ”Herman Los” cup at the highest achievement of the cadet crops.
    • Received the 3rd place in the final camp of the 19th batch of 40 schools in 2013.
    • The 3rd place was purchased from 2 championships and 12 official promotions.
    • There are 24 guard (Sammana Mura) for the occasion and for the 1st time in the history of the school.