Clubs & Societies

Aqua Circle

The objective of this club is to make students aware of the aquatic resources, to encourage them to use aquatic resources economically and thereby to make them experts in this field.


The first group of members was enrolled / selected from grade 6 in the third term, 2017. This society was formed recently.

Teachers in-charge

  • Ms H.Udenika sriyamali Dabare
  • Ms J.A.Malkanthi

Office Bearers

  • President - S.P.Hiruka Hansana
  • Secretary - L.J.M. Vihanga Sithusara

Number of members - 30

Proposals for 2018

March, 2018 - A lecture for the members.

April, 2018 - To obtain a fish tank for the school and to maintain it throughout the year.

August, 2018 - A camp for the students.

September 2018 - Commencement of activities for the bronze model.


Provide knowledge about aquatic resources, to make professionals on this field and to make them to manage aquatic resources properly. We have started a program with NARA institute and with Ministry of education.