Rules & Regulations

  1. Students must be only in the school uniform during the school hours
  2. Students must be present to the school at least 15mts.before (7.15am)
  3. The school start and on special days such as for religious activity, attendance should be earlier than usual.
  4. Students must head to their classroom from the gate without loitering on the way.
  5. Cleaning the classroom & compound must be finished before the relevant places by the first bell.
  6. Students must assemble at the relevant places by the first bell
  7. Religious observance must be done respectably.
  8. Students must not leave the classroom at the end of the periods.
  9. All the student must go to Aesthetic, sports and it together formed in a line.
  10. To leave before the school is over a special permission must be granted.
  11. Canteen can be used by the students only before or after school and during the     school interval.
  12. Students must not go to another parallel class without a purpose and to go to another section, the teacher`s permission must be granted.
  13. Students must protect the school property and should avoid anyone dust them.
  14. Only the main entrance must be used to enter to the school as well as to leave.
  15. Behave well in the school premises and outside the school as well keeping the pride and good name of Dharmapala.
  16. On the assembly day, those who come to school when the assembly is started, must join the assembly, without going to the class.
  17. All the student must be obedient to the teachers.
  18. All the students must be obedient to the prefects as well.
  19. Students above grade 9 are permitted to wear a wrist watch. The other are not permitted to wear a wrist watch. The watch should be a suitable one (not a bigger one)
  20. All the student must go back to their classroom with the bell after the interval.
  21. During the academic periods no student must come to the classroom without the teacher`s permission.
  22. To leave school at an emergency student must be permitted by both class teacher and the sectional head.
  23. Lines must be formed according to the grade, at the main assembly and grade assembly followed by the teachers and prefects instructions.
  24. When leaving the classroom for extracurricular activity teacher must be informed.
  25. Student must not take any object or instrument that is not used for education purpose to the school premises.
  26. All the student must sing and respect the school song. National Anthem and the chaththamanamaka Gatha.
  27. When speaking with the principal or teachers students must stand still.